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Poultry farm light baffles 

Reduce light ingress to your poultry buildings while maintaining

air flow with Spraydown natural ventilation louvres.

Strict control of light is essential for successful poultry production. Sunlight ingress into poultry houses can affect the overall health of livestock and can cause excessive pecking amongst young birds. Maintaining the right balance between ventilation and suppression of external light in poultry houses can be difficult. Suitable for use with gable end fans, wind hoods or roof vents, our light baffles have been designed by the Spraydown team to improve the rearing environment in poultry farms.


Fully manufactured in the UK, our cost effective products have a robust construction that is easy to clean and will deliver years of corrosion-free performance.  We deliver parts fully assembled to your exact size in a short lead time.

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