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Spraydown spray suppression mud flaps

Install our unique Spraydown spray suppression mud flaps to your vehicles to reduce fleet running costs and improve road safety.

Suitable for use on all commercial truck and trailer vehicles, our spray suppression mud flaps can be retrofitted onto your existing fleet or fitted to brand new vehicles.

  • Improved fuel efficiency of between 1-3% for each journey
  • Return on Investment within one month of installation
  • FREE trial available
  • Meets HGV spray suppression mudguard regulations
  • Only ‘type approved’ air water spray suppression device in Europe (EU Regulation 109/2011)
  • Made in the UK

Reducing fleet running costs

The innovative design of our mud flaps uses patented air/water separation technology to reduce drag on a vehicle and improve aerodynamic performance. Fleets with Spraydown spray suppression mud flaps experience reduced fuel consumption and a corresponding reduction in vehicle emissions.

Improving road safety

Spraydown mud flaps keep spray much closer to the vehicle and the road surface than other spray suppression products. Road visibility is much better for both the driver of the vehicle and other motorists on the road, improving safety and reducing vehicle maintenance.

Reducing emissions and improving air quality

By reducing fuel consumption, Spraydown spray suppression mud flaps also help reduce harmful vehicle emissions. This has a knock on impact of helping to improve air quality.

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