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Spray suppression

Improved road safety

Spraydown mud flaps for commercial vehicles are proven to limit road spray in wet conditions, dramatically improving road safety for all users.

In addition, the unique aerodynamic properties can reduce drag at the rear of the vehicle, helping to lower fuel consumption and vehicle emissions.

Light baffles

Reduced light ingress

Spraydown light traps for poultry houses maintain a high level of natural ventilation within the building while reducing light ingress, often the cause of excessive pecking.

The design of our products allow for easy maintenance and cleaning.  Light baffles are delivered to exact customer requirements, either with or without a frame.

Vane separators

High separation efficiency

Quickflow is a class A1 droplet separator with a separation efficiency of nearly 100%. This excellent moisture separation is combined with a very low pressure drop across a range of flow rates.

Quickflow vane separators have a robust PVC construction that will deliver years of corrosion free performance.