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Spraydown Solutions

Our products help businesses manage environmental conditions in business critical areas including poultry buildings, commercial vehicles and within crucial power generation equipment. 

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Our Story

We’re specialists in air/water separation technology and we manufacture and supply a range of plastic extruded parts that manage airflow, light suppression or moisture removal in specific environments. Our products are unique in the UK market and help with challenges that can have a big impact on the efficiency and cost base of a business. What’s more, we can manufacture parts to meet your specific requirements.

From fleet managers to poultry farmers, power generators to offshore operators, our products help create, control and manage the environment required for more efficient fleet management, livestock wellbeing or the performance of equipment.

Our Products
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Commercial Vehicle Spray Suppression

Improving fuel economy and road safety.

Spraydown mud flaps for commercial vehicles are proven to limit road spray in wet conditions, dramatically improving road safety for all users. ​Their unique aerodynamic properties also reduce drag at the rear of the vehicle, resulting in lower fuel consumption and vehicle emissions.

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Poultry Farm Light Baffles

Reducing light ingress for bird wellbeing

Spraydown light traps for poultry houses maintain a high level of natural ventilation within the building while reducing light ingress, often the cause of excessive pecking. The design of our products allow for easy maintenance and cleaning. We deliver light baffles to exact customer requirements, either with or without a frame.


Quickflow Vane Separators

Reducing moisture in critical equipment

Quickflow is a class A1 droplet separator for use in power generation equipment, HEVAC systems, storm louvres and cooling coils.  With a separation efficiency of nearly 100%, excellent moisture separation is combined with a very low pressure drop across a range of flow rates. Plus, their PVC construction will deliver years of corrosion free performance.

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